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What is the relationship between my ARM mortgage and interest rate contracts?

Will the increased use and production of natural gas have an impact on the price of oil?

What would an outbreak of Mad Cow disease do to the price of beef?

I'm worried that the price of gas is going up. Can I hedge against an increase in gas prices?

I hear about how the stock market may be over-extended. Is there a way to protect my portfolio?

Will the growth of soy milk as a substitute have an effect on milk prices in the future?

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While managed futures and commodity ETFs have exploded in popularity over the last decade, their performance record has been far from robust. Optionshop Baskets let you easily and efficiently gain exposure to an entire sector or to a larger macro-economic trend while cutting out the middle-man and management fees.

How fund fees erode rates of return

Fees: 1.00% of initial $10k
Gross Trade Return: 5.00%
of returns
lost to fees
These results are informational and do not represent any particular fund.
Effect of fees on a $10,000 investment over 12 months.

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